CAREC Investment Forum 2015 оны 10 сарын 6

24 September 2015

Managing Director, Chief Economist of Erdenes Mongol LLC
Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished delegates,
We have reached the end of the CAREC Investment Forum, and it is my honor to provide some closing remarks.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of you for contributions of your valuable inputs and also for your active involvement in the Forum. I personally think that this Forum has given a chance for us to address emerging regional investment matters and well as allowed us to build up a stronger network.
The accomplishments of this Forum can be added to a long line of achievements in the history of regional cooperation. The milestone of today’s achievement is, we have successfully built up a solid network for the future regional cooperation. I would like to briefly review some of the main points aired during our meetings. The one overriding message was that:
- Mongolia is back to Business, and that Mongolia is enthusiastic to invite foreign investors and retain the investments. .
- There are many investment opportunities in the CAREC region, especially for the private sector.
- With the creation of modern infrastructure, clear and well-implemented guidelines facilitating cross-border transportation and trade, and strong political will to make this happen, the coming decade could be the most prosperous ever seen in CAREC.
On the Mongolian side we are also exploring ways to improve our way of cooperating with foreign investors and working together. Important lessons can also be learned from other parts of the region.
Erdenes Mongol is deeply committed to restructure its businesses and develop major projects to add value to the shareholders. Erdenes Mongol is being established as an independent investment company that allows it to act as a commercial business and allow dividends to flow to sovereign wealth funds.
Let me finish by thanking you all again for your participation for this Forum. My deepest thanks goes to Their Excellencies, the Ministers and Ambassadors, the heads of international organizations, the chief executives of national and international companies, and all speakers and panel members. Their presence has been invaluable and, without any doubt, has helped make the event a great success.
We appreciate the support we have received from the members of the media, in covering our activities. It is very important that the views expressed here are disseminated to a wider audience, and clearly this task has been in very capable hands.
This successful Forum was the result of excellent cooperation between many parties. Special thanks are due to all those who have been involved in organizing the event and made the Forum possible through their contribution. I feel obliged to express my thanks to the Asian Development Bank (“ADB”), Erdenes Mongol LLC, and the Business Council of Mongolia, Organizing and Technical Committees, as well as all members of the secretariat who spent their time and effort to see this success. Special thanks also due to Mr.Cameron McRae here.
We look forward to seeing you again, when we shall reconvene to discuss many other importing topics affecting the CAREC region and its competitiveness.
Now, we would like you to enjoy the dinner and continue to develop our connections with new friends, partners and old counterparts.
Thank you.

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