Erdenes Mongol LLC was founded in 2007, with the objective of becoming the leading state-owned company in Mongolia’s key economic sectors, including mining, infrastructure and energy. The company seeks to help Mongolia to effectively and efficiently use its natural resources, and to enhance the country’s economic performance and encourage economic diversification.  

Erdenes Mongol seeks to invest in real assets, existing companies, and compelling new projects.  

The Government of Mongolia has empowered Erdenes Mongol to manage its shares in Mongolia’s world-class mining assets, including Oyu Tolgoi LLC, Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC, Baganuur JSC and Shivee Ovoo JSC.  

Erdenes Mongol is committed to improving the living standards of all Mongolians. To ensure sustained growth, we are building a company that adheres to international business standards. We are strongly committed to ethical business practices, and strive for transparency and independence in corporate governance.  

Erdenes Mongol believes that through smart, effective investment in natural resources, infrastructure, industry, and our own human capital, we can create value for the citizens of Mongolia.  



We aim to maximize value and deliver real returns to our three million shareholders.  



We will achieve these goals by hiring the best talent, being commercially savvy and financially   astute.  



We are long-term investors. We will creatively leverage our assets, partner for growth and build   financial strength. We will invest in high quality assets, proven standards and leading technology. We   will develop and manage our portfolio in an integrated fashion to enhance our competitive advantage.

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